About the Current Season

The 2017 Spring/Summer Collection: The Nature of Patterns

We are excited to introduce the 2017 Spring Collection. For this season’s designs, we were drawn to patterns, both in the natural and digital worlds. The ability for simple shapes and objects to transform into beautiful murals, or the evolution of scenes from the wild into wearable art, fascinates us.

From the Marea Collection’s beautiful waves, to the Hummingbird Collection’s mother-and-baby scene, to Pixel’s cyber elements, this season’s styles reimagine the familiar. By taking classic images and playing with new colors, textures, and shapes, we have created unique and exciting patterns.

The motif of patterns circles back to our essential inspiration: nature and growth. Cycles continue throughout life, yet what remains constant is change. We want this season’s collection to serve as a reminder that, no matter the moment we are in, the beauty we see today will only shine brighter tomorrow.